Walking to Wheeling

If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

I once caught a Turkey while Fishing! 

     My life has been anything but normal I often find myself in situations that can't be explained. I haven't decided if my situations make me the "Cool Kid" or a hazard to my own health! I am sure you are already thinking "How does a person catch a turkey while fishing?" This may sound like a tall tail but it happened just like this. 


     A was out with friends all piled in a little Jon Boat on Nolin Lake, here in the great state of Kentucky.  We had pulled into a little cove. I was half asleep because the water is like a cradle to me and rocks me to sleep. But I have perfected the "Sleeper Cast" this is where you get in the supine position and do an over your whole body cast. Everyone had their lines in the water, I was preparing not to hook anyone when a four wheeler took off cutting through the wood. Scared a turkey right off her nest and just as she flew over I hooked her.  

     Everyone was in such shock they just stood there. The silence was broke by my best friends Jerry asking "Do you need a hunting or fishing license for that?" Laughter commenced! And the chatter: "Did that just happen?" "Did you see that?" "No one is ever going to believe it happened!" "If I wouldn't have seen it, I wouldn't believe it either".


     Now most people like to pride themselves with fishing stories, but mine scared a turkey right off her nest. We didn't catch any fish, I should have kept the turkey at least would have had something to eat.

Who am I...
I haven't decided yet, so I'm a little of everything:

A Gothic Teen
A College Graduate
An Army IACS op
A Traveler 
A Deputy
A Ghost
A Girl in Love
An OpFor Player 
A Cancer Survivor
 A Disability Advocate
 Look at those curves, I'm a woman of many talents.... some can't even be shared.