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Welcome to from Walking to Wheeling, we are currently under construction but some of our features are still available. 

This website is meant to inspire and encourage those that are dealing with chronic illness and those that have loved ones that are struggling with illness, as I myself am dealing with the harsh reality of life medical complications. But where there's a will there's a way, and with the support of each other and our families we can make past anything.

Please have a look around and see what Projects and Events are coming up and don’t forget to click our Facebook Links below, as well as in the small circles at the bottom of this page you can connect via: Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram! There are many ways to follow along in the journey and learn about disabilities and our amazing ability to overcome.

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This video was made by UK Human Development Institute, and is just one of the many workout videos that involve people with disabilities and myself. I will also be working with them to do a self-defense video soon. Working Out and developing good fitness habits will keep you healthy and active. Hope you enjoy this video and the others that are available and coming soon.

Me and my Manual Chair

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Block Out: Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

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